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by Paul Golini:Chair, BILD



December 16 - National nods to GTA accomplishments

We have the most robust homebuilding industry right here in the GTA and as an association we recognize the immense talent of our members every year during our annual BILD Awards ceremony, which takes place in the spring. This week, some of our members received news that they have been named as finalists for the prestigious Canadian Home Builders' Association awards-where it really is an honour just to be nominated.

December 9 - Taking excellence abroad

In what has become a new trend in recent years, BILD members pinned their award-winning projects against our American counterparts and, once again, made quite the statement at The Nationals - presented by the U.S. National Association of Home Builders' for community and new home design, sales and marketing excellence.

December 2 - Foreign investors are interested in our industry

During a recent trip to China, I met with some business leaders who had interesting questions about investing in the GTA's building and land development industry. Word had spread overseas about Canada's strong housing market and how our economy-and more specifically, our industry-had weathered the economic storm. They asked about our industry's robust job market and wanted to hear more about the large number of housing projects underway across the GTA.

November 25 - BILDing a greater city

At BILD we promote that our members are "Building a Greater GTA" as we advocate for planning, building and business policies and practices that will help the GTA become the prosperous region and Toronto the world-class city we all want it to be. It's an ongoing process but this Tuesday, we witnessed a major step towards prosperity as Build Toronto selected Tridel as the first of six partnerships to be announced later this year.

November 18 - So what’s coming down the track for the GTA?

As the GTA grows and expands, the need for integrated transit is becoming more and more apparent. The building and development industry has been a long supporter of such a system and recently organized a transit seminar for BILD members to learn more about what needs to be done, and what available revenue tools allow to be done.

November 11 - Jobs creating jobs

Employment seems to be the topic of choice around the watercooler these days, either because the Leafs haven't given us something to complain about yet (which is debatable), or because Stephen Harper publically voiced his "disappointment" and "concern" with the loss of 54,000 jobs across the country in October.

November 4 - Why we build our association

We have a tag line at BILD: Your Industry. Your Association. Your Voice. It's how we sum up what joining an association like BILD can do for the multi-talented members of the industry. And it's true. It's not only true for our builder and developer members, but also our associate members, renovators and marketing partners-and their voice becomes louder as we grow.

October 28 - Renovation tax credit for seniors

There's talk of a new renovation tax credit and it's one that our industry whole-heartedly supports. Earlier this month, during Premier Dalton McGuinty's re-election campaign, he talked about a new renovation tax credit for seniors and promised to pay for as much as $1,500 per year toward retrofits that improve accessibility.

October 21 - Maintaining stability in our housing market

This week I heard a striking comparison of the stability in the Canadian and American housing markets that has to do with the number of high risk mortgages in each country. In Canada only about five per cent are considered high risk (debt-service ratio of more than 40 per cent and equity less than 20 per cent). In the U.S, 35 per cent of all mortgages fell into that category in 2008 and was an early indicator of the financial crisis that followed.

October 14 - Toronto plays host to 25,000 green builders

For the first time ever, the U.S. Green Building Council held its annual conference outside its own country and it came to the City of Toronto. Just last week, 25,000 building industry professionals with a penchant for green innovation descended upon the city for Greenbuild 2011. It was the Council's 10th annual conference and more than 108 countries sent delegates.

October 7 - Pedal for Humanity

I have tremendous respect for athletes who dedicate their entire lives toward putting themselves through physical and mental endurance tests. On Sunday, September 25, I witnessed a group of athletes who gained not only my respect, but my admiration. There were more than 120 of them and they conquered the 50- and 100-kilometre routes set out to challenge them that morning.

September 29 - Our leader, our teacher, our friend.

Last week, the building and land development industry lost a great leader. BILD President and CEO, Stephen E. Dupuis passed away suddenly on September 23, 2011. A dedicated family man and proud resident of Aurora, Ontario, Stephen is survived by his wife Linda and two children Kendall and Carson.